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ITMO University has established a system of project management and fundraising that implies informational and project management support within the faculties in order to attract additional financing. Up-to-date information about the grants announced and assistance of the personnel of the innovation office allow obtaining funding for almost any project. Regularly the employees of the project management and fundraising department monitor more than 450 funds and 1000 contests for grants.

The aim of project management system is to attract additional extra-budgetary funds for the development of scientific, educational, innovational and entrepreneurial activities within the ITMO University via new forms of cooperation with external partners and diversification of funding sources.

Project management system is characterized by the implementation of the solutions of the organizational, human resource and technological issues in the University that contribute to the continuous development and expansion of the project activity of University personnel and students. The purposefully organized process of interaction and collaboration between scientists, lecturers and students in the University, on the one hand, and project managers - on the other, as well as the established process of communications and information exchange between them are the main features of the system of project management.

Project management system of the ITMO University is based on four elements:

  1. Project managers of the faculties;
  2. Databases of the informational System of the University (ISU);
  3. Organizational institutions and regulations;
  4. Education and special projects.

Experts of ITMO University will assist the personnel and students in planning and implementation of educational, R&D, innovational and entrepreneurial projects.

If you are interested in applying for a grant, need assistance and information about project financing, please contact the Innovation Office:

Nikolai Bovtunov, analytical specialist of the department of project activity und fundraising

Tel .: +7 (812) 457-18-06