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Becoming a startup team member

      A strong team, whose members have the necessary competencies for the development of start-up is a key factor in the success of any business project. Developer, being the author of technical innovation, rarely has the necessary knowledge in the field of economics and business management, and vice versa, the author of the business ideas is often in need of engineers and designers to implement it. If you aspire to self-employment, but do not have a business idea, or do not have the skills to implement it, you can join an existing team of entrepreneurs in ITMO University.

      Depending on the project teams of startups may be looking for:

  1. Project managers who are ready to organize the work of the team, to plan working process, to carry managerial functions;

  2. Marketers who are ready to conduct market research, study the needs of potential customers, develop trade offers, work on the corporate identity of the enterprise and carry out sales;

  3. Designers who are ready to improve the design of innovative products and offer new solutions;

  4. Developers and engineers who are ready to implement innovative ideas.

    Even if you are not ready for your business project, participation in the team of aspiring entrepreneurs and developers may become your first important step towards business and will help you develop the necessary skills.

      Join the team of aspiring entrepreneurs and developers within the acceleration programs FutureTechnology ITMO and SUM IT. For more information about the possibilities of cooperation with small innovative enterprises and internships click here.
    To learn about current projects and needs of the teams in the business partners with certain competencies contact us:

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