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Starting a business

     Development of small and medium enterprises in the sphere of high technologies and innovations is one of the key strategic directions of development for ITMO University. Realizing the importance and the role of high-tech small businesses in the development of the national economy and implementation of innovations in daily life, ITMO University offers its researchers and students a full cycle of support for new entrepreneurs directly in the walls of the university: 
  1. Evaluation and assessment of projects, development of business ideas within the acceleration programs SUM IT and Future Technologies ITMO;

  2. Search of opportunities to finance projects und fundraising, the selection of contests and grants;

  3. Administrative and legal support in the registration of small innovative enterprises, intellectual property protection;

  4. The provision of premises and office space for work, meetings and negotiations;

  5. Ability to work on the equipment of FabLab Technopark ITMO to create samples and prototypes of products;

  6. Support of the production of a pilot batch of innovative products in the engineering center "M2M Telemechanics";

  7. Marketing consulting, assistance in promoting, participation in trade shows;

  8. Search of business partners, clients and investors;

  9. Investing in priority areas of the venture fund of ITMO Univeristy "ITMO Venture partners";

  10. Educational seminars and workshops in the field of entrepreneurship.

     ITMO University provides students and staff with different mechanisms of implementing their idea into a successful business, such as registration of small innovative enterprises (spinoff) in collaboration with the university or launching a startup. ITMO University makes every effort to ensure that cutting-edge research and development is brought successfully to the market.
     To learn more about launching your business in ITMO University, to determine the most suitable for you and your idea format of cooperation with the university, as well as to learn about the possibility of applying for business support services, you may contact Innovation Office:

Tel.: + 7 (812) 457-18-04