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Venture Fund

ITMO University is preparing to establish its own venture fund "ITMO Venture Partners". This will increase the commercialization ptential of scientific research and will contribute to the development of spinoffs in the high-tech sector. Activities within Venture Fund will also contribute to the learning process of students and graduate students, forming competencies in project management and innovation management, as well as the formation of so-called "soft skills" among engineering students since they will actively participate in the processes of projects development.

Fund will invest in companies based on the research results of ITMO University having gone through acceleration and incubation programs, at the seed stage of development in the priority areas:

  • Health care (medical devices, medical diagnostic and therapeutic products; bionic systems, devices and software that enhance the social adaptation of persons with disabilities, medical supplies, medicine, information technology, and etc);
  • The preservation of the human environment (alternative energy systems and efficient conversion and use of energy, energy-efficient materials and devices; treatment of industrial and domestic waste water, waste, biodegradable materials, security of life and health, and others.);
  • Progressive production and M2M (industrial robotics, and technology of the high level of automation, laser, plasma, ultrasound, radiation and optical technology, modern membrane technology, digital manufacturing, advanced processing system and transmitting information; M2M technology in transport systems, utilities, monitoring systems, control and safety, etc.).

For more information on the venture fund of ITMO University "ITMO Venture Partners", please contact us:

+7 (812) 457-18-04