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Step Towards the Future: The School Patent’ Finals Took Place at ITMO

Вторник 02 May Report

Initiated by ITMO’s  Institute of the International Business and Law the Contest School Patent took place on April 26. Young developers presented their projects in different fields and talked about inventions. 

About the Contest

This year the School Patent took place for the seventh time as a part of the Days of International Properties. Its qualifying round gathered over a thousand participants, 200 children made it in finals. Young creators presented various inventions, drawings, essays, movies, interviews and so forth.

Among the participants there were students from high schools, colleges and military schools who came from different Russian cities and overseas. The jury congratulated the Grand Prix winners and laureates who received first, second and third place diplomas.


The participants of the competition showed their talents in different fields – from robotics to textile manufacture. Here are several stories by some of them.

Vyacheslav Gorlash

Vyacheslav Gorlash, 16, Saint Petersburg, Grand Prix winter in the “Invention” nomination.

“I invented a device, which helps blind people find their way. The device equipped with special sensors is fixed on a wrist so as to detect the distance between a person and surrounding objects. The closer some objects, the louder the signal. One can also detect the color of items and time of day with this device. I managed to create a unique invention, which has no counterparts. I often met people with visual disturbances who need such assistance – this sparked me to create the device. I am interested in robotics; I’ve already presented my development at several contests,” shares Vyacheslav.

Anna Lebedeva and Maria Tiunova with their parents 

Anna Lebedeva and Maria Tiunova, 16, Briansk, Grand Prix winter in the “Invention” nomination.

“We made a didactic game for elementary school age children who study basics of information science. We developed a computer made of textiles. It can help children master such a skill as typing, learn how to use computer mouse and some other functions.  The device also assists in developing motor skills. The children who study at our school helped us to test it – they enjoyed the experiment despite that fact that it seemed unusual to them,” said the girls.

The participants expressed their fresh ideas in essays, pictures and sport performances. Apart from their inventions the judges evaluated their presentation skills. The results of the contest are here