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The Exhibition "SPB 2013" at Manege

20 Июня - 15 Июля Выставкастатус: городской

The exhibition «SPb 2103» opens in June 2018 in celebration of the 315th Birthday of the city and tells about its past, present and possible future.

The anniversary is a perfect moment to review, evaluate what has been done, and what is yet to be done. Figure «2103» in the exhibition title hints at the fact that the present celebration date is not the last, and St. Petersburg still has a lot ahead. What will it be like by its 400th Birthday?

The exhibition blends photography, soundscapes, architectural and art installations. Some of the featured artists include The Why Factory, 404.Zero, photographer Aleksander Gronsky and sound artist Sergei Filatov. 

Happy City is always a compromise between momentary personal interests and city strategy. Developers from University ITMO will offer exhibition visitors to immerse themselves in a large-scale interactive game with robots, where everyone can become a developer and try to build their own convenient city from scratch.

Tickets are 300 RUB for adults and 150 RUB for students.