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  • "Digital Jungle - 2018" Festival at ITMO U

"Digital Jungle - 2018" Festival at ITMO U

18 Февраля - 18 Февраля Фестивальстатус: городской

Participants will enjoy over 20 masterclasses on different IT and digital professions. They will be held by experts from top IT companies, including Vkontakte, Wargaming, Larian, JetBrains, Veeam Software, HeadHunter and Dell. 

The event is packed with activities:  you can learn to develop games, program mobile applications, get acquainted with the technologies of blockchain and bioinformatics, write marketing strategies and invent your first start-ups.

Science lovers will also enjoy short lectures on technocracy, the evolution of the human-machine interface and the development of observational astronomy.

Admission is 400 roubles but is free to ITMO students with student ID.